Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen

  For : Ali Jabbar Attiyah



The letter has left me

And retired in a corner.

It could hardly bear

The mountains of sadness

Borne by the hands of my watch.

It could hardly bear

My crazy loneliness

Nor my childhood that expanded

And turned into an endless sea

Nor my age which was nearly

Fifty disasters old.

The letter has retired in a corner

Placed his head between his hands and cried.

I also cried until my soul flowed.

I returned it to my letter.

My letter cried until its dot flowed.

I returned it to Him ….to God.



Thus, I was destined

To see my head borne by spears

Like Al-Hussain’s head

To see my body ulcerate and die

Like Job’s body

To carry on my back

Prometheus Rock

In order to exchange the madness of the homeland

By the unknown madness

And the Euphrates ash by the ash of the crippled rivers

And the joy of the Tigris by the joy of the cloud

With worn-out underwears.



It was a happy day

During which I fetched a loaf

For my children, exiled far into dream

Without setting fire to Baghdad

Through Haulage wars

Nor killing the disarmed simple people

Through Tamer Lane wars

Nor plundering female slaves

Through Genghis Khan's Wars

Without Kneeling to the Pharaoh of the Age

Without hoisting the Barbarians' flag

Without interfering in the crippled towns' wars.

A hot loaf

I baked it in the dream of the good letter

And in the heavenly dot whose stalk is stable

And whose heart is in the sky.

But the thieves were waiting for me:

Pharaoh's thieves

Haulage's thieves

Tamer Lane's thieves

Genghis Khan’s thieves

The Barbarians’ thieves

And the crippled towns’ thieves.

They robbed me in the broad light

Cut my hand and blinded my eye

And stole my hot loaf.

Tonight, what will I say to my children?

Tonight, what will I say to my heart?

Tonight, what will I say to my letter

And my dot?



*Al-Hussain is a grandson of Prophet Muhammad and a great Muslim imam and martyr.  


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