Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen






The sea is a cruel father

Who deliberately frightens me with a knife.

The sea is false dates

And vague signals of glow and moaning.

The sea is blazing wars

And people deserting homelands

Sleeping naked at night like fish.

The sea is poems

Examining their palms by the fire

To realize the secret of my youth.

The sea is women, taking off the cuffs

Dancing at a mythical down

The song of the drowning boats

And the captain's moan.

They whisper like crystal

I, the enchanted child, rise up

I grope the waist of sand and the mounds of mud.




Go down!

The sea is a myth.

The spirit's bunches have fallen

In the middle of the waves.

The love words have fallen and the grass has roved.

The hours have disappeared.


You have not brought me the sea pearls

As people have brought.

What a disappointment!

You have come to me with poor man's eyes,

Martyr's homesickness,

A prophet's speech,

And a song saying:

The sea is an everlasting blood bleeding

From a god's wound.




The sea is a father,


Will slay me with a knife!



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