The Man

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen




Your name has the light of sun when rising

At dawn through the universes of darkness

Or the coast'     brightness

It dawns through the sailors' screams

In the middle of the seas of darkness.


In suspect,

I groped torn off limbs

Searching for torn off limbs

Calling your name.


The darkness absorbed me

And the sea inside my chest flooded.

I have not yet beaten the sea with my stick

Nor have I drunk from the spring of wisdom.

The sailors inside me screamed: where is the captain?

I wept when I saw the people naked smiling around me.


Now erect

Your wall around me .

You, by your name,

The sea bottom shakes,

The stab deeply sinks,

The curse with two canines averts.

Grant me unsuspicious head

Not complaining of the horror of the wild waves.

Grant me two eyes,

A lip and two hands.

Tear out whatever hate or torture I have.

Now erect

Your wall around me.

You, who leaves me in suspect

To live, to die, and to be resurrected

So that to be buried

In the middle of the barking dead.



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