The Lady's Banquet


Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen





She got up; the dawn broke

And the spirit's pillar looked shinning.

She got up; my blood shook,

The wall shook, the guards collapsed as orphans.

The magician cast his penknife in the kiln.

The tiger laughed.

The hedgehog wept.

Seven sins inside the spirit smiled.

The just king attended

Decorated with the sound of my blood,

My father's wildernesses

And the desires of the grandfather, involved in temptation.

I wept, the colors of the dream wept.

She got up so as to lower seven luxurious heavens

And down to earth restore brilliance to the dawn

And make the morning a prophet

And make the night childish

Dancing round the fire.

She got up to grant the hour

What the hour grants to water.

To grant obedience bitter riding

And to the sting her enjoyment.

To restore the black valley to the cold summer.

She got up; I reached out my hand

Toward her tender buds

Toward her fresh pear.

My palm spread out .

When the apples lay down.

She got up; the light radiated and radiated.

My heart is blind.

My eyes penetrated into the valley the way a knife did.

My blood squatted.

My blood vibrated, purred like a wounded wolf.

The light was on.

Nothing but flowers separated

My love's finger or my grave.

The flowers adjacent as a drawing of frightened necks

Became nearer to me.

I looked at love's black valley.

I was a flame from foot to head.

The wild rain poured down.

The ground lightened and shook as clothes in the wind.

The kiln boiled up.

But I did not reach the valley.

I did not find out the well of curse,

The necks of flowers.

The wild rain poured down and burnt me

Like a thunderbolt on my throne.




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