Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen






The flower dropped into the well.

The boys disbanded.

Oh! My eye,

Your eye has become a minaret and ash.


Time was almost dawn

And no one housed you: who houses us?

Your palm was empty except for the scent of myrtle

And of a dream extended to fuse the circle of people

Into flowers, Euphrates and date palms.

Running after the years tried us.

A letter like a hot bull tried us:

How could we tame it by our nails?

Our nails were full of the moaning,

Of blood and head.


You who dropped the flower into the well

You who dropped the flower into the guards' well.

Now you have become no more than a blind dervish

Weeping in the darkness for God's sun.


At this moment there is no one to protect you from

The people's action

The people are asleepů..asleep.




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