Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen






The love night became desolate

My blood was a dead fox

It sailed toward the nameless lady

The one whose secrets were unveiled or betrayed

It sailed toward the gales

Draw a thing near to my front teeth

Any thing

The foxes move around me

The foxes lick now their sexual organs in my dead blood

Draw near

 Your dawn is now full

Twenty years passed

Your window is now full

Of two breasts with silent rage and madness.




The love night became desolate

My blood was sailing in the Euphrates [1]

 O! Night! Violate a murmuring mound; I said, violate

The language of dawn and bloom

Do you see anything in the windows?

Do you see a woman whose mouth is mould

By kindness

And by a thimble's lung ?

Do I reach out my hand

Or do I cut off its fingers and have rest?

I am heavy with vagueness

My blood is a killing fox babbling now

 About the wound

Babbling now about humiliation.



[1] Euphrates is a big river in Iraq





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