Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen





   The kiss is a she-gazelle. 

   The date is two eyes, a sahara and a gun.


   The kiss is a love poem.

   The date is a stab in the belly.


   The kiss is a butterfly.

   The date is golden fish.


   The kiss is wonderful tenderness.

   The date is a great bed.


   The kiss is a feast.

   The date is happy children

   In the middle of streets

   Full of horse-drawn carriages.


   The kiss is vagueness.

   The date is an attempt to decipher the puzzles.


   The kiss is a lie.

   The date is a false witness.


   The kiss is separation.

   The date is a song glorifying separation.


   The kiss is a dead smile on a drunkardís mouth.

   The date is a fragmented glass.


   The kiss is a legend.

   The date is a world legend conference.


   The kiss is a waiting.

   The date is the poems of waiting

   Written in Cuneiform, Sanskrit and Arabic

   On the Book of Existence.


   The kiss is a blossom.

   The date is a garden full of honey.


   The kiss is a green beach.

   The date is a poet who does not stop smoking hope.


   The kiss is a star.

   The date is the sky held by a she-loverís palm.


   The kiss is a drowning person.

   The date is a bottomless sea.


   The kiss is your astounding eyelash.

   The date is your smile that guides me

   Every night to delicious death

   And it does not leave me until the cock crows.


   The kiss is the dot of your nuun *

   Or the nuun of your lost dot.

   The date is an alphabet revealing

   The talismans of the world

   But they do not know how to bring you back home.


   The kiss is friendship.

   The date is an engagement until death.


   The kiss is a chair.

   The date is a bed.


   The kiss is a key.

   The date is a body.


   The kiss is a violin.

   The date is a love dance.


   The kiss is a tear.

   The date is a swift shooting of rain wets

   Lovers in the pleasure garden.


   The kiss is a cry.

   The date is a romantic plot.


   The kiss is a green room.

   The date is closed curtains.


   The kiss is a song.

   The date is a singer, a composer and a poet.

   They all have cried

   Because of the beautiful tune and words.


   The kiss is beautiful noise.

   The date is secret willow rows.


   The kiss is a lost child.

   The date is a bride lamenting her bad luck.


   The kiss is a daydream.

   The date is heresy and hallucination.


   The kiss is a poem at its top level.

   The date is a collection of love poetry.

   Every line in it is your letter

  And every letter in it is your name.


   The kiss is a window.

   The date is a country home

   Looking upon the sun and the duck.


   The kiss is a pleasure.

   The date is a call for writing on it

   As a cureless deep death.


   The kiss is your dreamy eyes.

   The date is your lips; abandoning their

   Wonderful miserliness.


   The kiss is a love hour.

   The date is a wedding night,

   The wedding candles

   And the brideís white dress.


   The kiss is you.

   The date is you ............ of course!





* Arabic letter


( T M)

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