An Attempt to love


 Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen





   My sweetheart is a little she- jinn

   Full of pleasure, tears and warmth.

   I am to find a way to train her

   I am the magician who was burnt alive to the death.


   My sweetheart is a lofty date palm

   Full of dates, dreams and dove nests.

   I am to find a way to climb it

   I am the disabled whose foot has been cut by a shot.


   My sweetheart is a deep song

   Full of drums, tambourines and the bloom of  youth.

   I am to find a way to hear it

   I am  Van Gogh who offered his ear

   As a gift to his mocking sweetheart.


   My sweetheart is an apple orchard

   Full of dates, desire and sparrows.

   I am to find a way to steal it

   I am the thief from whom Time

   Stole the bag of his innocent childhood.


   My sweetheart visits me,

   While sitting on my humble chair every day,

   Loaded with the crown

   And the brilliance of the crown.

   I am to find a way to praise

   Every jewel of her crown.

   I am the poet who likes to praise

   Only women’s crowns         

   And women’s brilliance.


   My sweetheart

   Visits my puzzlement every day.

   She is full of vagueness, legends and puzzles.

   I am to find a way to clear her legends

   And high vagueness

   I am the spellbound the jinn stole his talismans

   In the swimming pool.



   My sweetheart

   Visits me every day

   Loaded with the figure seven

   And its signals, confusions and screams.

   I am to find a way to capture it

   Because of a Gilgamesh 1 shout

   Or a Pharaoh dream

   Or a Babylonian error in arranging the days of the week.


   My sweetheart

   Comes to my broken door every day

   Full of desire, flirtation and meaninglessness.

   I am to find a way to fill her dream

   To kiss her flirtation

   To release the birds of her meaninglessness

   Into the cloud of my horrifying meaning.


   My sweetheart

   Comes every day

   With her Alif 2 that looks like my Alif

   And with her Ya 3 that looks like my Ya

   With her suffering that looks like mine.

   I am to find a way to stop

   The lost of her letters and mine

   The confusion of her letters and mine

   Even if I were forced to fire at all letters!



1. Gilgamesh is the hero of the famous Iraqi epic “Gilgamesh’s epic”, in which Gilgamesh searches hard for the secret of immortality. After many travels, he finds the seed of immortality but the snake  soon steals it..

2. Alif is an Arabic letter.

3. Ya’ is an Arabic letter.



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