An Attempt at Joy


 Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen




   I reached out my hand to God

   To what is permissible by God.

   When He looked at me with all his mercy

   That wraps everything

   He did not place gold in my entreating palm

   Nor silver dinars.

   He placed nothing but a little letter

   It glittered with hope

   Like the feast of an orphan child.

   When God looked at my thirsty tear

   And my smashed heart

   He sped up to put a dot

   In the middle of the letter.

   So my heart became full of gold and silver dinars

   Become full of wisdom, joy and love.

   Thus, I was a desert and the letter a camel.

   Thus, I was a loss and the dot a meaning.

   Thus, it was my case until I had a fill.

   Thus, I flew together with my camel

   I flew like a cloud of light.





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