An Attempt at Isolation


Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen



After my friends and brothers

Dropped in the sea of hate,

I got into my boat

Traveling up to the lake of my blood.



After uncountable disasters,

I reached myself and settled in.

I was as delighted as a corpse

With its new grave.



Thus, I have sat in myself

To guard myself.

In order not to forget

What has been done to me,

I have put a spear at my door,

And spotted it with my blood.

I have made out of mud a head like mine.

I have put it on the spear and wept,

Wept until my soul flowed out

Then, I brought my soul back to the head.



Every morning I submissively kneel before the head

To say : “Good morning, Head!

You are heavy with sorrow and letters.”

The head replies very calmly:

“Good morning, owner of happy isolation!”




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