An Attempt at Hamlet

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen





A cloud of innocence,

Tell me; how did the whole world

Accumulate in your body,

Then get lost in water?

Tell me; how was my father murdered?

How did my mother release the snake

At my childhood’s birds?

How did the ghost lead me to the ghost?

And death to the flood?



Your moony body is my age’s elegy.

Thus let me, like an orphan child

Whose feast garment is stolen,

Cry at you.

Let me explore your fresh body

To know the secret of madness and delirium.

Let me explore your forehead

To know the secret of rain.

Let me explore your fingers.

To know the secret of joy

Let me explore your slim belly

To know the secret of childhood and assurance.



Your mythical beauty tortured me every day

Until it led me to the exiles of words.

Your saliva delighted me

As a magician who gets delighted with the thunderbolt.

Thus hug me

Before the last drop of my blood

Will pass away like you.

Hug me,

Before the water eats me.


Ophelia extended her hands to me.

But once I kissed her luxuriant fingers,

Then they turned to daggers and insults.

Once I kissed her charming breast

Then the devils and elfs came out

And surrounded me all around.

Once I kissed her lips,

Then the snake appeared to me

And made me drink the poison

In order to die... forever.



(T p)

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