A Scene



Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen





The beggars sat at the bridge's door.

They spread out with tatters and moans.

They spread out with white beards.

The first one said: " People, I am starving for ages."

The second said: "Poverty tore me to pieces

With the sword of torture."

The third screamed: "Away with and woe to the world."

The fourth spat upon the earth and looked at the water.

He reached out his hands to the fifth beggar's hand.

The fifth said: "Who are you?

You there do not mock a blind person."

The sixth said: "God, provide me with daily bread.

Provide me...You who forget not his slave.

Provide me with a loaf at the dawn of hunger."

The seventh beggar was a child.

He said: "Look!"

In his palm, a golden dinar glowed.

The beggars pounced upon the dinar

Even the blind beggar did.

They snatched it as fast as lightening.

They engaged in hand-to-hand fighting.

They fought each other very bitterly.

The child shouted at them: "Look!"

He showed them his two palms; made of pure gold.

The beggars were taken aback and screamed:

"What must we do? Must we cut your off hands?"

The little beggar laughed.

He descended from the bridge down to the bank.

He took off his rags.

And said: "So long, my brothers."

The beggars cried and groaned.

Their groaning filled the whole world

With anguish and tears. 

The child said:

"Farewell, brothers in poverty.

Farewell, people of the world."

And he dropped his body into the water happily. 




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