Waiting For my Beloved to Descend

Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen


ng For my Beloved to Descend 


I have seen you standing

At the top of the stair.

A gold crown is upon your forehead

And a mysterious silver mantle is upon

Your icy shoulders.

The stair is as high as heaven

And as deep as hell.

I stand at the lowest foot of lowness bottom

As an armless rebel having nothing

But the stones of delight,

As an unknown poet,

As a foolish philosopher,

As a blind coachman.

I wait for you

To open your door of insults

That is full of bones and crippled whips.

Or to open the door of your mantle

So that your royal fresh body will appear

To capture my great sorrows, my obsessions and madness

That I had since Gilgamesh’s and Enkido’s time,

Since Enkido’s and Sargon’s time,

Since Sargon’s and Deek Aljen’s time

Since Deek Aljen’s time

And the time I put on Jinn’s clothes.


Now, the picture becomes very clear.

I get your greatest secret.

I stand to take care of your shadow

As a clown delighted in silliness of his audience

As a blind man delighted in the people’s complaint

Against the sun’s fire.

As a night lost its dawn in a lowered bar.

Now, all I hope from you is

To descend from your false height

To the foot of my daily lowness

So that to discover love

An ember put on the lips or between the eyes.

And to discover your cold loneliness

When you see thousands of my attendants of Jinn.

To recognize your utter ignorance

When my magical letters

And my dot colored with violence

Will jump before your astonished eyes.


My great myth,

Your scene is truly sad.

The stair has one thousand stairs

You stand on its cloud

And I in its black well.

Please, try to shorten the distance

By  the delight of your height.

Please, try to kill the distance

By a flash of your body’s lower part.

And remember when you set

Your body’s seven continents on fire

That there is no mirror can know

Your seven languages

Except the mirror of my nakedness.

And no meaning for my crazy deprivation will exist

Unless you put my head on the spear,

And bear it to the sun’s four directions

In your black coach pulled by the dictators’ horses.



1. Gilgamesh is the hero of the famous Iraqi epic “Gilgamesh’s epic”, in which Gilgamesh searches hard for the secret of immortality. After many travels, he finds the seed of immortality but the snake  soon steals it..


* Sargon: The great Assyrian King (from 705 to 721 B.C.)  ruled a large kingdom  in Iraq. 

* Deek Aljen: The noted Arabic  poet who loved his sweetheart deeply. After killing her in a moment of doubtfulness, he spent his final years  writing great laments about her.



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