Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen



The foxy dot said to the wise letter;

“You have got old

And your hair is getting grey.”

The wise letter said;

"Because my victories are for you

And my defeats are for me alone."



After the painter finished his painting of full charm

In which the woman appears as a continent of beauty.

The woman refused to look at the picture

And said:

“How do you flirt with me? It is impossible!”

The painter was shocked.

Then, he sardonically giggled

At the woman’s strange speech.


After the letter returned exhausted from war,

He made a mistake in giving his gifts;

To the fox he gave olive and cheese,

To the cock fish and bread,

To the woman words full of sun,

And to himself several rusty medals.

Then he slept

As if he had never slept before.


When dawn rose

The letter went hunting

Lost as an orphan child,

Pale as a tear.

Instead of following his game,

He stayed all the time dancing, dancing and dancing

Until he forgot himself

And the address of his house.


Every day, I try to finish my great poem

As a song of the creation

And the moment of creation.

But whenever I proceed in writing it a step forward

I find my heart is surrounded

By the eagles, hawks and owls

And my children crying of horror and hunger.


What is the meaning of writing poetry

If we insist on giving the fox

Olives and cheese?

And insist on drawing the women

Full of the charm of fat,

Of great stupidity?

What is the meaning of writing poetry

If we dance at the time of the hunt?

And hunt at the time of  the dance

A bear of horror and hunger?


( Tp )

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