Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen




My losses are no longer unbearable.

No sooner do I come out of a loss

Then I fall into another.

I – for example – died,

Died a long time ago

And had enough death.

When I decided to rise from my death,

Dressed green rather than black

Ride the cloud instead of the bicycle,

I was shocked

By the corruption of the cloud

And the tear of its underwear.


My losses are no longer unbearable.

I have gone into fire and got burnt well enough.

When I rose up from my ashes

And gathered my ashes

And sprayed in my blood

Lest I might newly die,

I was shocked to know

That those who threw me into fire

Were my friends to whom

I gave the light of the green

And my beloved people to whom

I granted the sun of the cloud.

So, I got puzzled as I had not had

Myself ready for the role of a redeemer.

And I did not imagine that Judas’s role

Would be re-shown everywhere with great success.


My losses are no longer unbearable.

When I thought over the names of cities

I found them similar to death.

And when I thought over the names of rains,

Wounds, thunderbolts and women

I grew puzzled

Because my body that rose up

From its death dozens of times

And my heart that resisted

The storm, the blood, and the gold

Wept before me as two orphan children

And complained to me of the lost dream.

They screamed because of the lost dream,

They went down streets like any crazy couple.

So what else could I do but uncover;

My losses are no longer unbearable

No longer … no longer …unbearable.

Thus I will uncover

The rearrangement of the rivers,

Make them run from the south to the north

To reduce my pains.

I will rearrange the clouds

Make them travel by mail

To reduce my childhood’s nakedness.

I will rearrange the tears

make them more mysterious

To satisfy the longing of my gold towers.

So nobody can observe my crying

And nobody can rejoice at my disaster.



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